Where we’re going, we don’t need roads: Back to the Future DeLorean

As you probably know, today, the 21st of October 2015, is the day that the DeLorean Time Machine from the 1985 blockbuster Back To the Future travelled to.

2015 Delorean Time Machine Front

Back in 1985, the makers of the movie imagined a rather cool-looking future in which we’d have flying cars, self-drying clothing, hovering skateboards and lots of fax machines, among other things. The hoverboard may be on its way, but fashion fortunately went in another direction and there are no flying cars either or at least none that work reliably. Instead we have smart-phones and social media.

Flying Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future

We also have LEGO parts that I certainly couldn’t have imagined back in the eighties, as well as lots of different third-party accessories. Brian Williams (BMW Indy) has put some of these to very good use on his version of the Time Machine, with parts with a matte metal finish as well as lots of LED lighting and “glow” wire. He first posted pictures of this beauty a few months ago, but now seemed a particularly fitting day to bring it to your attention.

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  1. armothe

    Brian’s love of LEGO & Back to the Future has generated some interested creations! And it’s nice to see that painting LEGO isn’t entirely taboo :). Which is why we asked him to help brainstorm/design some minifig accessories relevant to the film.

    He suggested a follow up comment in light of the subject matter, and date.

    Maybe there will be official versions some day, but as we all know the future is unpredictable so why not back a sure thing?

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