“Tiny Adventure” tells a huge story

Many builds featured here are stand-alone creations, frequently based on pre-existing material. So we were truly impressed to discover Tiny Adventure by Korean builder Yosool. Not only does this eclectic collection of brick-built characters incorporate a ton of play features, but each one also has a fully fleshed out backstory, woven into an overarching theme with a very specific goal: To help children appreciate the global ecological problem of adventive animals (aka invasive species).

To find out more about the fascinating world of Tiny Adventure, you can check out the full album of character photos, discover their backstories on Yosool’s website, watch the numerous play feature videos on his YouTube channel, and you can even support the project on LEGO Ideas.

In the builder’s own words: The story starts at a peaceful town of swamp. One day, adventive species suddenly appear, and turn the small town into a huge chaos. These predators are always hungry, and they devour every native species they can find. Extinction is only a matter of time. Tiny and Tale, green frog brothers native to the swamp town, put their heads together to solve the serious problem.”

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