Rio de Janeiro’s Cristo Redentor statue in LEGO

Looking like something right out of LEGO’s own Architecture series, this microscale model of the iconic statue of Christ The Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is the work of German builder Jens Ohrndorf. Proportioning, detail and texture are hard to get right at this scale (especially with a human figure) but Jens nails it, and the result is immediately recognizable.

2 comments on “Rio de Janeiro’s Cristo Redentor statue in LEGO

  1. Mnemonyx

    A great model, well captured especially given the scale.

    But “Jens nails it”? That’s unfortunate phrasing, given the subject.

  2. L@go

    I actually misread it for “Jesus nails it”, which was a bit strange… But it’s a stretch to say that the ‘nailing’ comment is unfortunate – I’d see your point if it was a statue that depicted Christ on a cross, but the Cristo Redentor isn’t.

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