In theaters and on demand now: A LEGO Brickumentary [News]

After much anticipation and waiting by LEGO fans, Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson’s film A LEGO Brickumentary finally hits select movie theaters in the US today. And for those of us not fortunate enough to live near one of those theaters, it’s also available on iTunes and on demand now!

We had the opportunity to see the documentary last year at the Seattle Film Festival, and you can read our own review. On the whole we loved it – apparently more than some movie critics who have recently described it as a 90-minute ad for the LEGO company. In its defense, the film was not paid for by LEGO, and spends more time outside the hallowed halls of Billund than it does inside them. We think any true LEGO fan will enjoy the breadth of topics it covers, the playful and heartwarming presentation, and excellent brick animation by our friends over at BrickNerd Studios.

And if you look pay attention, you may even spot a few of us in the film ;-)

2 comments on “In theaters and on demand now: A LEGO Brickumentary [News]

  1. Mountain_King

    Well there are always some critics who just have to poo poo something.
    The audience wants drama to be distracted from their own misery and how can I be that people are just happy with something? XD

  2. gev

    Yeah I don’t get the critics on this. Maybe they just don’t “get it”. I wouldn’t give it a 10 either, but probably for more relevant reasons than the critics on IMDB and Metacritic.

    I got to see this on the 22nd as a part of Brick Fiesta and was amazed at how much feeling this provoked in me.

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