Interstellar Sales Professional

Evidently, selling earth-like vacuum cleaners is a dangerous, adventurous business. Sebastiaan (Alien Cat) returns to us from real-life adventures to present the little Alien Cat’s terribly hazardous profession selling vacuum cleaners across the known universe.

Business is clearly doing well, if this sporty read number is any indication:

Get off my lawn! 2Clearly his driving skills haven’t improved. That, or he failed to account for changes in gravity and atmosphere from one planet to another. Crash Course 7

I’m particularly fond of this lovely little star ship called Tia Maria.

Tia Maria 2

2 comments on “Interstellar Sales Professional

  1. helloearthling

    Great stuff! These were built for Andromeda’s Gates, a weekly Eurobricks team-building game. (Or should that be team building-game?) We always welcome new recruits, especially for Kawashita!

  2. gev

    I know ‘read’ can be pronounced ‘red’… Maybe I’m just reading it wrong.

    That said, these are some great builds!

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