Aloft in the clouds with César Soares

César Soares is one of those builders whose every creation we could feature here on The Brothers Brick as “blogworthy.” His colorful, intricate models use interesting techniques and he varies themes across Castle, Town/City, and pop culture, with a range of subjects from large-scale dioramas to smaller vehicles and vignettes. His latest model is a gorgeous floating rock with beautiful landscaping, the requisite balloon for transportation, and an eccentric building with César’s distinctive curved roof design.

The Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

Incidentally, one of the large-scale collaborative displays planned for BrickCon 2015 is floating rocks. Any chance you can come to Seattle this October, César?

1 comment on “Aloft in the clouds with César Soares

  1. Cesbrick

    Hey Andrew, thanks a lot for the blogging. :) And your kind words, as usual, are always welcome.
    Unfortunately there is no chance of me coming to Seattle. I’ve never been in the US but one day I will :) Anyway, looking forward for the photos of the display!

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