Brickworld Chicago DVD Kickstarter project

The hosts of Beyond the Brick is starting a Kickstarter project to produce a DVD of Brickworld Chicago 2015 featuring coverage of the convention and interviews with builders. For $20, you can get a copy of the DVD, but those who contribute more can look forward to custom minifigs and creations, and even commissions.

5 comments on “Brickworld Chicago DVD Kickstarter project

  1. L@go

    I was just about to pledge $100, as I really like those Batman sketches… but then I saw that apart from the custom minifigs, none of the stretch goal goodies can be shipped outside the US. Which is too bad… :(

    I’m going to BW, but the estimated delivery dates on the builds are August, so they probably won’t be done in time for the event itself.

  2. Shilo Parker

    L@go, where did it say that none of the stretch goals cannot be shipped outside the US? Each reward option clearly says ships anywhere in the world under the estimated delivery….

  3. BeyondtheBrick

    L@go – We’ve now opened up all of the levels so they can be shipped anywhere in the world. All of the stretch goals can be shipped worldwide as well. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

  4. L@go

    Now it does! It said “Shipping only within the US possible” when I posted that. Brilliant – I’ll get pledgin’ :)

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