Playable Go board built from LEGO

As a small child back in Japan, I used Go pieces to create serpentine roads across tatami floors for my little Tomica cars, but my family left Japan before I ever played a proper game. I still get nostalgic whenever I see Go games. Joe Miller built this fully functional 9×9 Go set completely from LEGO, using some rather complicated techniques to place the black lines on the board.

9x9 Go Board

The lines themselves are the tops of 1×2 half-panels wedged into full (3-brick high) panels, combined with some serious sideways and upside-down (SNOT) construction.

9x9 Go Board Construction

3 comments on “Playable Go board built from LEGO

  1. Brickbuilder0937

    Since the pieces are placed on the intersections of the lines this is actually be a 10 x 10 board. (Go boards should always be an odd number wide x long so there can be a center piece.) Still the most awesome LEGO go board I’ve ever seen!

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