Hauling freight the lunar way

This rover by the ever-popular Pete Reid is chock full of some nice, subtle detail. Often Neo-Classic Space creations are overloaded with those lovely details known as “greebles”. This beauty has them (between the wheels of the wagon, for example) but by keeping them to a minimum, it doesn’t look too busy and has a nice, clean feel to it. Lastly, you have to love the presentation! That slice of lunar landscape is the icing on the cake!

Federation Rover

3 comments on “Hauling freight the lunar way

  1. Josh Post author

    @L@go – You are correct, it isn’t a minifig, which I mentioned in my comment on his Flickrstream. ;)

    I was seeing if anyone noticed.

  2. L@go

    Yeah, I saw that after I commented here. It’s ever weirder to see this live – I walked past it at STEAM a couple of weeks ago, and it really messes with your head because you’re not used to seeing the figures in that size…

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