LEGO unveils new line of BIONICLE sets for 2015 [News]

BIONICLE is back! At New York City Comic Con last week, LEGO unveiled detailed information and images for a new line of BIONICLE sets. The sets will be available globally from January 1, 2015 and revolve around an entirely new storyline. Prices will range from USD $9.99 – USD $19.99.

“We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of the LEGO BIONICLE franchise, which was one of our most popular LEGO franchises and our first ‘constraction’ or constructible action figure line.” said Michael McNally, Senior Director of Brand Relations. “We are eager to introduce and immerse a new generation of children in this rich character-driven world and can’t wait for fans of all ages to interact with the new story.”

The January line-up consists of six “Master” sets, and six “Protector” sets, each based around the elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Stone, Jungle and Ice. There is also a thirteenth set called the Lord of Skull Spiders. You can find photos and set details up on our Flickr stream, so go check ’em out now!

Can the Toa save Okoto from the latest threat?

The new storyline takes place on the mythical island of Okoto, where the forces of darkness are on the move, and the evil Makuta is once again materializing. Makuta is overcome by the desire for the three mythic masks that will cast the world into darkness: the Mask of Creation, the Mask of Control, and the Mask of Ultimate Power.

The desperate island inhabitants enlist six heroes called the Toa – each masters of a sacred element – to help save their beloved island. The Toa must embark on a quest for Okoto’s ancient power masks, that will allow them to unlock the full potential of their elemental powers. Only when the heroes are united, will they be able to battle the forces of evil, defeat Makuta, and save Okoto.

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  1. Aanchir

    Thanks for this coverage and for the high-resolution set images! I’m extremely excited for the new BIONICLE theme, and thrilled that I was able to be a part of the LEGO Group’s BIONICLE panel and LEGO store event.

    Classic BIONICLE fans will be thrilled to know that gear functions are back for the new Toa, but now built with enough inherent friction and articulation that they neither interfere with posability nor require any kind of locking mechanism to hold a pose where the arms are raised. The gear functions are even geared towards competitive play like they were in the early years, with the goal being to knock off the opponent’s mask before they knock off yours.

    The Toa also all boast dual-function weapons, much like the Toa Nuva from 2002 or some of the Toa Metru from 2004. The designers took care to ensure that the Toa had some kind of tools or weapons even in “adrenalin mode” (the mode where the normal weapons are converted into tools for greater mobility, like Tahu’s lava surfboard or Kopaka’s avalanche skis).

    I haven’t gotten to handle the Protectors’ new blasters, but they seem to work wonderfully. I love how compact they are and how they use generic ammo, unlike many earlier blasters from the BIONICLE theme like the Cordak Blaster from 2007.

    The new story is very exciting with its “back to basics” approach, and seems like it will make it a lot easier for me to share my love of BIONICLE with my friends and family without them getting bored or confused. I really loved the complexity of the BIONICLE storyline back when I was a kid, but I didn’t have any real-life friends who felt the same way. Even the friends I had who collected BIONICLE didn’t follow the storyline closely, and quickly got overwhelmed if I tried to explain it to them.

    Also, for as difficult as the old BIONICLE storyline was to follow, it lacked complexity in some of the areas that mattered most, particularly character development. To me, this new BIONICLE isn’t a less complex or mature take on the BIONICLE story so much as a less pretentious one. And I like that!

  2. ADHDecals

    Any news about whether the comics will be returning? That was by far my favorite part of the Bionicle universe.

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