Let’s carve some meat!

Well as long as we’re having a slow news day, I’ll use the opportunity to share the latest bit of rubbish that I threw together… Before Halo, before Unreal, before Quake, before them all, there was DOOM – the first person shooter that started it all. DOOM is now more than 20 years old, and still going strong! This is my homage to game:


Click here for tons of close-up shots. Or if you’re in the Seattle area next weekend, come see it on display – alongside a million other incredible fan-built LEGO creations – at BrickCon. But if you can’t make BrickCon, don’t worry, I created a little “fly-through” video for you:

3 comments on “Let’s carve some meat!

  1. Tolwyn

    Abolutely awesome. I’d be interested in buying that!

    Tolwyn (I wrote music for a ton of Doom addons in the 1990s).

  2. Mnemonyx

    Doom started it all? Some of us are old enough to remember Wolfenstein…

    But regardless, a great build indeed, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of Doom.

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