First images of 75060 UCS Slave I [News]

Flickr user just2good posted high resolution images of the upcoming Lego Star Wars 75060 UCS Slave I. There’s no official announcement for the set, but it’s likely to be released before the holidays this year.

UCS Slave I (High res)

UCS Slave I (High res)

6 comments on “First images of 75060 UCS Slave I [News]

  1. happywaffle

    Literally over ten times the part count (and presumably price) of the 7144 set that I bought back in 2000. Nuts.

  2. RocketSeason

    Puts my custom System Scale version to shame. Sigh… Looks like I’ll be making yet another unexpectantly large LEGO purchase….

  3. LukeClarenceVan

    Ah, come on. The same number of pieces as my birth year? I guess I’ll have to spring for this one… ;)

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