A night without day ... a day without night

Castle and fantasy builders certainly like to build big. But most of the large castle dioramas that we showcase are limited to exteriors. So it’s exciting to see someone focus on a large interior instead!

This amazing cathedral interior by Pippo Zane was inspired by the final scenes of the 1985 movie Ladyhawke. And while the cathedral itself is deliberately jazzier than the one in the movie, the characters are all faithfully represented.

There are so many little details to explore in this build. But I particularly love the stuff going on in the balconies, and of course the stained glass windows.

3 comments on “A night without day ... a day without night

  1. Nicholas

    All I could say to myself, all I could think was: Oh my God, Oh my God I could not believe my eyes, the grandeur, the regalness, the details I was totally blown away. the talent, the time and the treasure it took to build this marvelous structure left me speechless! God has blessed you with a keen eye and talent!

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