RIP Heiner Berg

Heiner Berg with beerOne of the unfortunate side effects of being an “old timer” in the LEGO community is the increasing list of people you have met, or would have liked to meet, who have passed away. It is thus with regret that I share the news that Heiner Berg, one of the big figures in the German AFOL community, is with us no more. I believe I met Heiner only once in 2007, but I knew his name from my early days on LUGNET. He was one of the first LEGO Ambassadors, which indicates the esteem he was held in Germany.

I will pass over to Holger Matthes (HoMa), another “old timer”, and someone who knew Heiner well to share their thoughts.

I knew Heiner for more then 10 years and he was one of the early guys forming the German AFOL scene.
Heiner is well known for his neverending hunt for yet another color variation of the iconic Blue Hopper. His website mentions more then 25 variants:

Lately he concentrated on rare colors for roofs and he knew all the existing slope elements in fancy colors and came up with a really colorful and detailed layout to present his trains and other building.

Rest in peace Heiner!

If you remember Heiner, please feel free to write down your memories below. For those of you who feel more comfortable writing in German, 1000Steine have a memorial thread.

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  1. bruce n h

    I don’t travel very heavily in either the German or train-building corners of the Legoverse, so I don’t recall ever directly interacting with Heiner, but scrolling through his Brickshelf I definitely remember some of those builds from back in the Lugnet days. I see his site was a Cool LEGO Site of the Week in 2000. Sad to see the loss of another AFOL – thoughts and prayers for his family and loved ones.


  2. jaster

    Es tut mir Leid, dass er entschlafen ist. Seine bunte Waggons haben mir immer sehr gefaellt und ich hoffe, dass jemand noch neue Waggons bauen wird.

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