Lego plus Pulp Fiction equals awesome

I really don’t care whether movie critics consider Pulp Fiction to be one of the defining movies of the New-noir genre, whether it is a prime example of post-modernist film or whether it is empty-headed camp.

Pulp FIction

I think it was a hugely entertaining movie and this black-and-white mosaic of Jules and Vincent by Joris Blok is awesome. Full stop.

9 comments on “Lego plus Pulp Fiction equals awesome

  1. Ralph Post author

    ^Yes I do, but I’m not in the habit of blogging creations that are nearly a year old. If I’d seen it at the time, perhaps I would have.

  2. Ralph Post author

    ^Ouch. At least the picture I blogged now looks better, but, indeed, I didn’t see that one either. Still awesome though.

  3. Andrew

    In Ralph’s defense, I would’ve passed over both of those older photos, too — they just didn’t have the presentation quality (lighting, angle…) that Joris’ current photo of his mosaic has.

  4. getdamonkey

    ^Ouch indeed, my pulp fiction pics are the only pics in my photostream that were taken by a professional photographer.

    Well, thanks PepaQuin for bringing mine up even though Joris’ was made before mine.

  5. Andrew

    ^ Awkward!

    Heh heh. ;-) Your Batman, David Bowie, and War Machine are all pretty epic. Did you see that we featured your Bowie last March?

  6. Ralph Post author

    Actually not all that awkward. A mosaic simply looks best when photographed perpendicular to the plane of the mosaic. Would I have blogged your older picture or the one by getdamonkey if I’d have seen them last year? Possibly, but I didn’t. This new picture is a lot better and even though the model in it is more than a year old, I think it is sufficiently good to be blogged now.

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