Quiet Study at Naughtston Abby

Built for Classic-Castle’s seed part challenge, Brother Steven brings us this gorgeous little scene of study and meditation. Can you spot the seed part?

1 comment on “Quiet Study at Naughtston Abby

  1. Nicholas

    Great minds and excellent problem solvers no matter the miles, ages or nationalities THINK ALIKE! this became clear to me. I have done a bird bath for the LEGO FRIENDS Range and couldn’t figure out a way to get studs to meet until I kept looking at the HOBBIT Golden ring! B I N G O it worked!!! I was so happy to see you used the same technique with the candelabra! By the way I love the use of the air tanks as candles! I too used the same transparent bricks(?) as lights on the candle on my birthday cake! So Brother Stephen are was or are we not alike?

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