Flying the unfriendly skies

From his Flickr stream, it’s clear that builder arwen qiea is a Cold War military vehicle buff. It’s an impressive portfolio of (mostly Soviet) tanks, missile carriers and navy vessels from the 50s and 60s. But his gigantic airplanes kind of steal the limelight! Here’s his latest one, a model of the Soviet TU-135, an experimental supersonic bomber from that era.

From that angle, the TU-135 seems almost as sleek as a modern Russian fighter jet. But from a higher vantage point you can see why it was nicknamed the “flying wing”.

So that’s a pretty big plane, right? Nope. THIS is a big plane…

…say hello to the Russian Antonov AN-22, probably the largest turboprop ever built. And the big builds don’t stop there. His version of the Lockheed C5a Galaxy (a heavy transport used by the USAF) is so big it literally eats other LEGO models for breakfast!

And here it is, digesting its meal of tanks and other armaments:

7 comments on “Flying the unfriendly skies

  1. Iain Post author

    …well now you mention that, and I actually study the pictures in more detail, you’re right, it does look like he uses mostly clone bricks, not LEGO. <SAD TROMBONE> The sheer size of some of these models made that impossible to see in most of the photos! Is there some source of further info about this builder you can point me at? I’ve been able to find nothing as yet.

  2. Deus

    The only thing known from his (or her – arwen?) MOCpage is his (or her) religion.

    Anyways, from what I can see, I would suspect arwen is Russian (building CCCP planes and such), partly because I once fell upon a Russian LUG forum (which I could not find later no matter how hard I tried), which indicated a general Russian tolerance for clone brands.

  3. johnlamarck

    LOL!!!The B.B. bloging Megabloks models ! Congrats Arwen Romel ! Next time it will be my turn…:-D

  4. Iain Post author

    I suppose anyone who can build something out of MB that stays in one piece that is larger than a HAMSTER probably deserves some recognition.

    I’m guessing he just glues it all!

    (…and you can interpret that as me intentionally provoking the builder to come forward and defend/explain himself!)

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