After enjoying Evan B’s recent miniland scale Firefly lifter, I’m overjoyed to see yet another iconic spacecraft get the same treatment! This time it’s Eagle 5 from Mel brooks’ classic Star Wars spoof Spaceballs, courtesy of Chris Rozek.

And in a matter of days you’ll be able to see this creation – and a million others – at Brickworld Chicago. Let’s just hope Chris can hang onto this build longer than the giant one he traded away in Simon’s Red Brick Game!


3 comments on “I ❤ HEART URANUS

  1. Simon

    Haha this was awesome. Those of us hunkered down in the pre-bw build bunker totally decided to watch Space balls after seeing this moc ;)

  2. Nicholas

    I love the way you captured DOT MATRIX who was voiced by the AMERICAN Comedienne Joan Rivers! Is there an INSIDE to this MOC?

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