An ancient warrior awakens

This sand strider by Djokson is one lean and mean fighting machine. The simulated rib cage and the dark-red accented head are very unique features, not to mention the green orb and that big pokey stick.


4 comments on “An ancient warrior awakens

  1. Andrew

    @JW: How very pedantic! We certainly appreciate substantive discussion of the models we feature, but nit-picking verbiage seems like a waste of your and our time. I’m a professional writer myself, but this is a blog about LEGO, not a Master’s thesis in semiology.

    (EDIT: Comment moderation fail — replied without actually moderating JW’s comment. Side note: Pedantic comments like that as one’s first comment aren’t the best way to gain a blogger’s agreement with one’s perspective.)

  2. LukeClarenceVan

    Did someone bring up a language point? Because while we’re at it, “big pokey stick” is a tad too technical for a blog aimed at non-professionals. ;) Love both the model and the description here.

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