Invasion! at BrickCon 2014

BrickCon recently announced their theme for the 2014 convention and it is “Invasion!”. What exactly does that mean? Apparently a little background is required. Over the years it has become tradition for the various themed sections (Castle, Space, Town, etc) to invade the other layouts throughout the convention. This usually entails space marines invading the castle, dragons attacking the moonbase, pink space fungus infecting all the other layouts, Breann’s bionicles eating stuff, various renditions of the Tardis appearing out of nowhere or Space Odyssey monoliths sprouting up like mushrooms after a bad rain.

INVASIONS at BrickCon 2013

This year BrickCon is embracing that concept and taking it to a new level. The coordinators of BrickCon are encouraging you to Invade and the more the merrier! Do you have a squad of World War II marines who want to travel back in time? A cadre of Yeti who are anxious to wreak havoc on a modern city? What about a gaggle of Friends ready to rubble with some bug-eyed aliens in the Space layout? Anything goes and the funnier the better. Personally, I’m training up a squad of strawberry bears to conquer BrickCon. What are you going to bring?

Please let the following pictures, courtesy of Sean Edmison, inspire you to new heights! Mash-ups and smack-downs highly encouraged. Batteries not included.

Cant we all be Friends?

When bears attack!

We are SquatchLUG!

Those bears really get around

Cant we all be Friends?

9 comments on “Invasion! at BrickCon 2014

  1. Mnemonyx

    Sometimes joke’s get funnier and funnier with the retelling and over time; I’m sure the “Invasion!” meme is one such joke.

    Other conventions will certainly have a hard act to follow.

  2. Iain

    Yeah, talking of which, what the hell happened to all 40 of those monkeys that I used at BrickCon… J-O-S-H?!! You’d better keep an eye on those bears this year, that’s all I’m saying ;-)

  3. Josh Post author

    Yummm….monkeys. I seem to remember that some dude with a British accent and trenchcoat approaching me at the Con last year. He glanced furtively about and whispered, “Would you be interested in some monkey bits?”. I took him up on his offer. But I only ended up with four monkeys, some bone fragments and a signed (Black-On-Black!) monolith. Apparently 36 monkeys are still on the loose. I think the frogs had something to do with it.

  4. Marin

    So if the theme is actually mash-ups, then it’s going to be much like The LEGO movie, right?

  5. Mnemonyx

    I think the next obvious step is conventions invading each other. And not just geographically, either: imagine if Brickcon 2020 invaded Brickcon 2014 – what would we see?

  6. Josh Post author

    @Mnemonyx – Time traveling conventions? We actually have something like that on the drawing board. ;)

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