Lego Star Wars AT-TE 75019 [Review]

The Lego Star Wars AT-TE was released in August 2013 and contains 794 pieces. It retails for $89.99 and is available on Amazon. Below is a brief video review and my remarks regarding the set.


  • Has a handle to pick up the model, fits with the dropship if you have one from years ago.
  • Includes 4 unique minifigures


  • No extraordinary play features besides standard adjustable legs and cannons
  • Not significantly different from the 2008 version of the AT-TE

This is a set of a popular model from the Clone Wars, so it’s no surprise that it’s also the 3rd time LEGO produced the set. Unfortunately it does not have significant play features or include many minifigures. However, fans of the series will probably still be interested in obtaining a copy as it make for a decent display model. If you’re a builder, then this set does not have much to offer in terms of part variety besides the standard grey parts. Overall, I don’t recommend getting this set at MSRP, but Amazon currently has it for 25% off, which I think is an acceptable price to buy it at.

1 comment on “Lego Star Wars AT-TE 75019 [Review]

  1. Aanchir

    Personally, I think this one makes some nice improvements on the 2008 one. I don’t own either version (I had stopped collecting Star Wars sets long before then, so my only AT-TE is the 2003 one), but it’s obvious to me just from pictures that the old one’s panels didn’t meet nearly as nicely at the corners as this one’s, and left much bigger gaps (in part because the model as a whole was bigger). The new one seems much more elegant to me, and more well-proportioned as well (the 2008 one looks like it’s been flattened compared to this much beefier edition).

    I don’t know if the differences are enough that I’d want the new one if I had the old one and were still collecting LEGO Star Wars, but they’re at least substantial enough to justify the redesign.

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