Spring Time in Tuscany

You know those snapshots that just bring you to a time in your life? Where you remember the defining moments, those poignant memories that make you smile. For me, this particular MOC reminds me of the first time I saw fireflies, in Tuscany, amid the vineyards. They were the only light along the path.

Carson Hart‘s rendition of an Italian Tuscan villa captures the bright colors and classic look, while forced perspective in the background shows off the rolling hills of vineyards. I imagine the other part of this villa may or may not include a winery that filled that bottle on the table.

Spring Time in Tuscany

2 comments on “Spring Time in Tuscany

  1. Deus

    There are not many creations on which shadows play such an important role in presentation. And here they are of course used perfectly.

  2. CarsonHart

    Thanks Deus! I wanted to try to make the lighting as if the sun was actually hitting the building.

    And thank you so much for the blog Caylin! It’s real nice to be able to post again.

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