Friday Night Fights (Round 37)

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another round of Friday Night Fights! Tonight it’s a classic match of bots not seen since the rock’em sock’em days of old. Let’s go to the tale of the tape.

In the Yellow corner, Lu Sim (Messymaru) enters his thorough-breed beefy boxer:

[Frame Hu_BETA] GIGAS_Phase 2

In the Blue corner, ZephyrChaos comes in with sleek and agile fighter:

Luna (primal)

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this bout by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, the valentine’s day special there was truly love in the air as Nathan and Chris just kinda hug it out with a 4-4 tie. Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

17 comments on “Friday Night Fights (Round 37)

  1. exleus

    That figure by ZephyrChaos is pretty cool. Neatly proportioned, very Armored Core, which I like, and the purple is pretty unique.
    That said, heck yeah for Lu Sim’s yellow dude! It’s got energy just the way it’s standing there. I love the giant hands, and the way the boxy forearm mixes with the rounded shoulder/upper-arm. I can so easily imagine that thing moving around. Running around wildly, punching stuff hard enough to knock itself backward. It’s chunky but check that waspish waist. And the yellow is pleasantly unconventional. With the ‘caution’ bars on it’s arm maybe it’s like the Aliens mech and actually has a commercial/industrial use?
    They’re both really good models, but for whatever reasons Lu Sim’s really catches my imagination, so that’s where my vote has to go.

  2. Dave

    As MOCs, I definitely have to give my vote to Lu’s Gigas. Its got way more interesting building techniques, proportions and character. It honestly looks like something I might attempt but with the skill of a far better system and detail oriented MOCer. I can really relate to the use of rounded and smooth parts juxtaposed to angular parts. its something I do quite often in my fusion MOCs of bionicle/HF and system.

    However it looks like Zephyr’s is one of those bigger Mechs like in anime. And it does have a very sleek agile look to it. I don’t get the sense that Lu’s MOC is one of those ginormeous mechs towering several stories tall. But for the sake of argument if they were roughtly about the same size it would come down to power Vs. Speed. Lu unfortunately didn’t bother giving any kind of creative description about what kind of capabilities his MOC has, which is a real shame. I love that aspect to MOCing. So with the evidence given I’d have to say “figuratively/narratively” Zephyr’s would own, but As MOCs Lu takes my vote for being a far more charismatic and interesting MOC.

  3. Hammerstein NWC

    Zeph edges it for me. The colour scheme and presentation match the mech, Slick from start to finish.

    I do love the arms and the 360 degree build. The only part I see as being a weak spot is the join between torso and legs. It seems a bit flimsy compared to the rugged robust nature of the rest of the build. Perhaps this is an area that Zephs mech could take advantage of in battle! :)

    Overall though two fabulous mech builds!

  4. FateHeart

    Argh, this is too hard… >.>

    I really like them both and they both have their individual plus points but this time I think I’ll go with Messy’s. I don’t often see many mechs that look like they could brawl their way out of any fight and have a fairly coherent awesome colour scheme while they’re at it. I also have a thing for power fists. :P

    Zephyr’s is awesome in that it has purple, looks sleek and fits a fig but I think Messy’s win’s by a narrow margin.

    Timmy, if you’re reading this, don’t hate me, I still love you lots. :P

  5. Ashton6460

    ZephyrChaos gets my vote. I like the look of the trans purple 1 x 1 cones and how they’re in a back-and-fourth pattern. The color scheme is great too.

  6. MisterMR

    I Phase 2 Gigas prefer because it has good detail and contrast.
    without neglecting the work of Luna and q Zephyr is just as good…

  7. kelemonopy

    Messymaru has used a greater variety of pieces to great effect but ZephyrChaos has created a more all round badass model, getting my vote.

  8. Brengineer

    Zephyr takes it for me. The color scheme, styling, and build quality come together nicely. I have to admit: It looks life the yellow guy would be swinging his clumsy (albeit deadly) fists at Zephyr’s knees, but would be deftly dodged, laughed at, and rapidly terminated by the slick agile.

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