Predator and prey

This Lego T. rex and Stegosaurus by Sami Mustonen (senteosan) are about as accurate as you can get on a relatively small scale. You may be surprised to learn that both images are actually digital renders. I can only tell the difference because some of the bricks aren’t available in the colors used.

Bricksauria T.rex

Bricksauria Stego

EDIT (AB): Like these? Both the T-Rex and Stegosaurus are on LEGO CUUSOO, where you can vote to have them made into official LEGO sets.

3 comments on “Predator and prey

  1. Tromas

    Technically these wouldn’t be predator and prey since they lived almost 90 millions apart. Now if this was an Allosaurus…

    Sorry, Nannan…couldn’t resist ;D

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