LEGO Officially Announces 71006 The Simpsons House [News]

Presumably in response to this week’s unofficial release of images of the upcoming Simpsons House, LEGO has officially unveiled the set, which will be available in February. Below is the official press release.

Click on this image to see the full gallery of photos.

71006 The Simpsons™ House

Ages 12+ 2,523 pieces
US $199.99 – CA $229.99 – DE 199.99€ – UK £179.99 – DK 1,699.00 DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

D’oh! The Simpsons™ House has been turned into LEGO® bricks!

Build The Simpsons™ House with detachable roof, modular design, car with dent, the famous family couch, 6 minifigures and so much more.

Recreate hilarious scenes from the classic animated TV series with The Simpsons™ House. Taken right out of Springfield, this amazing model is crammed with tons of LEGO® brick detail. Lift off the roof and open up the house to discover Homer and Marge’s big family bedroom including bed and Maggie’s crib, Bart’s room with his skateboard and Krusty the Clown poster, Lisa’s room with her favorite books, jazz poster and more, and bathroom with shower, toilet, sink and mirror. Lift off the top floor to reveal the fully-fitted kitchen with dining table, chairs, yellow and light-blue tiled floor and lots of pots, pans and other accessories. Then it’s into the living room with couch and TV playing Itchy and Scratchy, purple piano and more. Next to the house is the detachable garage, complete with workbench, tool rack, vacuum cleaner, broom, toolbox, tools and the family car, complete with dent (because only in a LEGO world are dents a plus!), opening trunk and ‘radioactive’ bar from the nuclear power plant. Step outside onto the terrace and you’ll find loads of cool items, including a grill, wheelbarrow and air conditioning unit with ‘Property of Ned Flanders’ decoration, sausages, 2 garden loungers, flowerpots, a shovel, 2 fruit cocktail glasses, Lisa’s camera, Bart’s skateboard ramp with ‘El Barto’ graffiti and an antenna on the roof. The Simpsons™ House is the perfect collector’s item for fans of all ages. Includes 6 minifigures: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders.

• Includes 6 minifigures: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders

• First floor includes yellow and light-blue tiled floor, sink, oven and stove, drawers, cups, pot, pan, bowl, mixer, plates, cake tins, cutlery, dining table and 4 chairs

• Living room features TV playing Itchy and Scratchy, couch, boat painting, telephone, carpet, purple piano and staircase to the second floor with family photos

• Bart’s room features a bed, night lamp, desk with pin board, chair, Krusty the Clown poster, skateboard, shelves with books, radio and a cap

• Marge and Homer’s bedroom features a bed, 2 side tables, Maggie’s crib and Marge’s bag
• Lisa’s room features a vanity mirror with hairbrush, stool, bed, table with lamp and cup, shelves with books, magnifying glass, backpack and a jazz poster on the wall

• Bathroom features a shower, toilet, sink and a mirror

• Detachable garage features the family car, tools, workbench, tool rack, vacuum cleaner, toolbox and a broom

• Family car with space for 4 minifigures features a dent in the front and an opening trunk to store Homer’s suitcase and a ‘radioactive’ bar from the nuclear power plant

• Outside area includes a grill, wheelbarrow and air conditioning unit with ‘Property of Ned Flanders’ decoration, sausages, 2 garden loungers, flowerpots, a shovel, 2 fruit cocktail glasses, Lisa’s camera, Bart’s skateboard ramp with ‘El Barto’ graffiti and an antenna on the roof

• Can you spot all the items Homer has “borrowed” from Ned Flanders?

• Remove the roof and top floor to access the different rooms inside

• House is hinged in the middle for easy access

• The perfect set for fans of LEGO® brick building and The Simpsons™!

• The Simpsons™ House measures over 9” (23cm) high, 16” (42cm) wide and 9” (24cm) deep


13 comments on “LEGO Officially Announces 71006 The Simpsons House [News]

  1. L@go

    So many lovely details here. And those doors in a wooden colour! The graphic designers have also really gone all out on this, even though there’ll obviously be a sizeable dreaded sticker sheet, the stickers add so much character to the set. This is a must-have. I think the minifigs look pretty decent as well – the characters have cartoon-like proportions in the show, too (surprise!).

  2. LukeClarenceVan

    Haha, you can see the lighting set-up in the antenna tip. I’d’ve thought that the photographer would position the lights closer to avoid that, but I guess it’s not a problem with anything else.
    Anyways, thanks for the heads up! I can’t say that I plan on getting this, but I look forward to seeing how this theme pans out.

  3. Sir Erathor

    Does anyone else think that the colour of the walls in the video is pretty different from that in the pictures? Maybe it’s just the lighting.

  4. Jai

    Nah, it’s just the lighting (Which is very “cool”, or blue-toned, for the entire video — whereas in the photos, the lighting is “warm”).

    I am surprised by the price! It’s great! Awesome news.

    Judging by the old head molds showed in the video, it doesn’t look like they ever tried using normal minifig heads. Maybe they did, of course, before the prototypes they showed were created. I’m very curious as to whether they did or not! The original “dream” minifigs have normal heads, of course, but at that stage there wouldn’t have been any other option. The official heads are awfully tall, compared to a minifig head. Maybe that’s why they seem odd on the minifig bodies? Just taken in alone, of course, these new heads look really good — totally screen-accurate.

    I love the short-sleeved shirts. That’s been awhile coming, considering all of the printed arms out there at this point.

    Oh my, Marge isn’t wearing the bottom half of her dress in the couch picture! I was only looking because I wondered why they printed the apron on in the first place, instead of just the classic plain green dress (But for that matter, Homer usually isn’t wearing his work tie and badge, either. Presumably there will be “plain” versions in another set?).

  5. Deus

    “*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.”

    Euro crysis kicking in.

  6. dekopuma

    While the heads do look decent, I’m not won over by the choice of expressions. Something about the half lidded eyes just looks…I don’t know…almost malevolent. Obviously, things may look better in person. And of course, if there are other sets, presumably they’d have more normal looks, with these expressions being more special.

  7. janel Champagne

    For sure, the Simpsons family are funny, no matter the style of their house and their’s culture level !
    Nice concept, because different !

  8. Creative Anarchy

    I was really worried about how Lego would handle the theme but I’m actually feeling encouraged by this set. It’s a big brick-built building. I don’t see many short-cut pieces. Lots of details, nice figures.

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