LEGO Minifigs – Now in Wooden Form

Fellow Brother-Brick Tim[1] spotted these, and I couldn’t pass them up. They’re made by a cat who goes by the name Ragskin, and posted on DeviantArt. I know some folks are not fans of Lego themed (but non-Lego made/licensed) art pieces, but I am. In fact, years ago, I welded together some LEGO bricks from steel. They jury of that art show quite liked them, actually. Regardless, I think these wooden minifigs would be a great office decoration, and a little classier than a standard creation. I’d like to think one of these could sit in Jorgen Vig’s office. I especially dig the attention to detail taken on the space man.

Ragskin's Wooden Minifigs

[1] EDIT TG: Actually, Heliodelic pointed me to them, I merely passed the information along.

5 comments on “LEGO Minifigs – Now in Wooden Form

  1. Brengineer

    (I was thinking the same thing, 4estFeller.)
    Believe it or not, I’ve imagined wooden mini-figs before, so of course I love the idea; but they could use some proportional help.

  2. ragskin

    These are some of the prototypes that have been hand made this last year. Getting the arms and legs to move and be posable as with the real mini figures has been a real challenge but has now, finally, been sorted. :)

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