LEGO Movie sets official drip-feed

For those of you with an interest in Time Cruisers and/or the LEGO Movie, LEGO are steadily releasing pictures of the Movie tie-in sets. Picture below is MetalBeard’s Duel which, upon careful inspection, is indeed a mecha with a shark for one arm and cannons for the other. Enjoy.

70807 MetalBeard's Duel

5 comments on “LEGO Movie sets official drip-feed

  1. Josh

    Looking over the sets that have been “unveiled”, watching the trailer and oogling the series of collectible figs has me thinking that LEGO has a success the likes of which they haven’t seen since LEGO Universe.

  2. Chris

    I think the trailer actually looks quite good. The rest has its highlights, but mostly because I like any new parts, regardless of the set they come in.

  3. Josh

    @Chris – I totally agree with you regarding parts but the quality of the sets generally has a big impact on the success of a line. I hope I’m wrong since LEGO is pouring everything they have into The LEGO Movie and it’s associated products. They just don’t do anything for me or for anyone I’ve shown them to. If the movie and/or the line of sets is a success, I’ll gladly eat my words and admit I was wrong.

  4. 4estFeller

    Yeah the sets are kinda meh. But I think the trailer looks pretty good. I sure hope the movie does well!

  5. Brad

    I can see the resemblance to Time Cruisers, but I think these sets look much better overall. They’re a bit crazy in their themes, but they seem better put together and dense in number of pieces. Plus, I’ve read that there will be normal alt models for several of the City themed sets, which delights my inner Transformers fan.

    I love the brick-built look of the movie. It matches with what I’d wanted to see out of the various LEGO games. It does seem like the story will be dull and cliche, but I suspect that won’t matter to kids. All in all, I’m looking forward to it and hoping that these are a success.

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