Pockyland 2014 calendar featuring creations from Taiwanese Lego fans

Rack Huang from the Taiwan LUG known as Pockyland designed a calendar for 2014 featuring works by Lego fans from Taiwan. You can see these creations in detail from the Pockyland forums. Leave a comment about your favorite month from this calendar and we’ll pick a random winner in a week who will receive a printed copy of the calendar!


23 comments on “Pockyland 2014 calendar featuring creations from Taiwanese Lego fans

  1. IronBricks

    January, the depth of field is great. Plus, the buildings all look similar, but not repetitive.

  2. Magnus

    I’m going to surprise myself and go with February – terrific build and presentation. Although January is also very nicely done.

    I really like the idea of a Lego MOC calendar – has anyone else done something else similar and pulled it off equally nicely?

  3. Marmidotte

    It was extremely hard to choose. The final familial vote says June for the neat Camera that could pass for a true one.

  4. YadaYadaYada

    March! The minions hands down – they look so cute and just like the real thing, especially the expressions on their faces! :)

  5. Magnus

    So I just dreamed last night that one of my MOCs was featured in a calendar exactly like this. But it was a crappy MOC – not the one I would have chosen at all.

  6. fraserphillip

    July’s USA-01 is amazing! It was really hard to pick one. I was also blown away by September’s ship, “Azure Knight”, October’s blocky anime girls, and November’s “Dark Torrent Fortress”. I also liked August because I’m working on a town train layout right now. But I have to go with July for my personal favorite. It was the one that grabbed me and sucked me in to follow the link and look at the whole calendar. I’ve seen a lot of hard suits/mecha, and a lot of them are really good, including the new Cuusoo project, but this is SO good. Well done Japanese name I can’t write or pronounce!

  7. jimmythefly

    February. Great build, great photo.

    I’m trying to build a moto or two now, it’s pretty challenging, they have so many curves, any yet also have so much visual machinery that you can’t use body panels to hide construction techniques. I am somewhat limited by tire/wheel choices which then drive the overall scale. Its’ been a fun challenge, and makes me respect that FireBlade even more.

  8. Brengineer

    I almost said June. The presentation of the excellent camera model does such justice to the photography industry it represents; but that sport bike in February just rocks it!

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