Salt on a wound

Those of you lucky enough to be at BrickCon will be seeing a sci-fi collaboration known as HUB 14. I have only seen a few teaser images on flickr but judging by who is involved I know it will be of epic proportions. For those of us unlucky enough to not be at BrickCon, Evan (Lego Junkie) was nice enough to rub it in and show us this brilliant little TurtleDove Spacecraft ahead of time. So thanks Evan for reminding us of all the cool stuff we are missing.

TurtleDove Spacecraft.

I want two of these on the second day of Christmas…and a partridge in a pear tree.

3 comments on “Salt on a wound

  1. jimmythefly

    Saw it about two hours ago. Very awesome, the cohesive landscape and structures across a large layout really take things like this to another level. Same is true for castle, town, or any other theme -the public really seemed to enjoy it when a whole scene is created, vs. individual models sitting on a table without context. Bravo.

  2. si-mocs

    This was so incredible! Definitely one of the stars of the layout :)

    Interesting side note – this was also the first VTOL to be built for the display – a crazy 10 days after it started up…

  3. Lego Junkie

    As another fun side note, the person who commented above me is now the owner of this fine ship.

    Thanks for the blog TR! Wish you could have been at the Con to swoosh this little beast yourself!

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