Sunday Mecha Roundup

No, I’m not talking about Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, although that would make fascinating subject matter for LEGO models, no I’m talking about that sub-genre of Sci-Fi that features giant robots and the people that tame them. So sit back, relax and let your inner thirteen year old enjoy this collection of ten rock-em sock-em war machines from builders both malevolent and benign.

We begin our nerdy exploration with “Fire Warrior Revised” from a builder who never fails to entertain, Nate Daly, who adds a lovely decorative base at no extra charge.

Fire Warrior Revised

Next we take a quick trip to Poland with Piotr H. and his “Prosthetic Commando” that puts those green Toy Story soldier helmets to great use.

'Prosthetic Commando'

Then it’s off to the digital dimension to palaver with the prolific Garry_Rocks about his latest effort ““Lazarus” Oni Class Mecha.

"Lazarus" Oni Class Mecha

It doesn’t seem right not to check in with the Bionicle Tribe, in this case Pate-keetongu and his strikingly colorful “Toa Tawa“, which is remarkably fun to say aloud.

Toa Tawa

What would a TBB roundup be without yet another example of our “Olive Conspiracy“, this time the beneficiary is the bearded wonder Graybandit2000 and his chunky “GM Cannon II.

GM Cannon II

And now for perhaps the most unconventional model of the roundup, the quadrupedal “Divine Hatred” by Freedom01.

Divine Hatred

We’re in the home-stretch now, constant reader and it’s time for something you don’t see too often on TBB, a Set 75002 Alternate from Cam M. simply titled “501 Mech. Maybe he’s got the 501 blues like Bruce Willis used to?

501 Mech (Set 75002 Alternate)

After all this macho techno posturing we find ourselves in desperate need of comic relief, so we turn our war-weary eyes towards Zemata and his “Oxytron“.

Oxytron - 01

Enough of these tedious legs, it’s time for some wheeled action with “Battle Machine X by the crusty veteran Rodney Bistline.

Battle Machine X

Our journey into the heart of Mecha madness concludes with this classic war-machine “Takeru ‘J-27’ III ストーカー” by TBB rookie The flame in us all.

Takeru 'J-27' III  ストーカー

I hope you enjoyed our weekly exploratory roundup, see you next Friday at the fights. Have a good week!

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  1. Syruss

    What a coincidence. I was just putting some Fire Warriors together this weekend. Lots of good ones here though. I especially like the GM Cannon II and Divine Hatred.

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