Sunday Sci-Fi Roundup

Pop a top, my friend” and enjoy your visual buzz before yet another weekend slips by and it’s back to the spice mines of Kessel, smashed into…well…who know’s what? . Tonight’s topic is science fiction and it’s many splendid forms brought to you by builders who run the gamut from obscure to famous.

We begin our journey through the ABS cosmos with in the good ship U-740 from TBB regular F@bz.

U-740 (1)

Then we slip momentarily into digital space for a run-in with the Crusader DropShip by Blackout (Kylie).

Crusader DropShip.

Eventually we have to make planetfall to continue our explorations and we’ll be employing this trio of Alien Moonstalkers by onosendai2600.

So I heard you like Alien Moonstalkers?

Of course we’re bound to encounter some alien creatures along the way, like this Blue Bloodworm by A Plastic Infinity.

(Blue) Bloodworm

Even a weekend exploration of the Sci-Fi genre would not be complete without a model inspired by a film, and filling that role to perfection is the Elysium inspired ADS-64 JACKRABBIT by ∞CaptainInfinity∞.


We might need something to step on that Blue Bloodworm so we’ll keep this untitled mecha handy from Freedom01.


Our journey has been arduous, and we find ourselves in rough shape and in desperate need of a little…enhancement, courtesy of spook and his League of Privateers “Iron Warmonger”.

League of Privateers "Iron Warmonger"

let’s end this thing with a bang from M.R. Yoder who didn’t stop building until he had an entire fleet.

First Expeditionary Colonial Fleet

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