LEGO Macaw takes flight in a burst of iridescent plumage

Sean and Steph Mayo (AKA Siercon and Coral) have gained lots of altitude with their latest creation. The Macaw itself is incredible but the studio setting they have created highlights it very nicely. I also really love the signature in the bottom left corner of the “painting” and you have to admit that the Pick-a-Brick cup full of water is nice touch. My only questions is whether or not the cup is filled with official LEGO water…

Iridescent Flight

8 comments on “LEGO Macaw takes flight in a burst of iridescent plumage

  1. AK_brickster

    This reeks of further Mayo favoritism!! They’ve been featured on TBB twice during their Iron Builder showdown with the Falworths, yet Mark and Steven have yet to receive any airtime!

  2. Andrew

    ^ I know you’re just giving Josh a hard time, but I’ll respond anyway. ;-) We choose the models to feature based on their merit, not because of contests that might or might not be happening at the moment. Frankly, contests and everybody’s obsession with them are rather annoying…

  3. Steebles

    Favoritism? Isn’t this blog designed to highlight the best LEGO creations in the world? Regardless of its author – this MOC deserves to be highlighted.

  4. Josh Post author

    Actually, Jordan, one of the Falworth brothers builds is in my list of stuff to be blogged. I don’t usually tell anyone what is on my list but I wanted you to know that it was already there when I do blog it. ;)

    Regarding the Iron Builder, I have stopped paying attention to who is competing. Nothing against the Iron Builder contest, but I’m tired of contests. I didn’t realize that Sean and Steph were competing until I read it in the description of this parrot painting. I go through the LEGO group on Flickr, a handful of other groups, my contact list and a few other sites. I don’t follow contests. In my opinion, there are just too many going on to keep up or worry about them.

  5. Josh Post author

    @Steebles – Thanks, you are correct. We try to highlight the best…but not being highlighted here isn’t meant as a slight.

  6. AK_brickster

    I’m an official, self-designated “Fanboy” of the Falworths for this round of IB, so I’m just trying to do my due diligence. Keep calm and blog on, fellows! ;D

  7. michael.rutherford

    An astounding image, and upon closer inspection, very funny as well! In my haste, I almost completely missed the actual scope of this work. The brushes and paint… excellent! The signature of the artists is delightful as well. Well done! My hat is off to the both of you!

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