Sunday VTOL Roundup

Constant reader, the staff of TBB understands that you crave VTOL conveyances of all shapes and sizes, but you don’t have the time to scour the wretched corners of the internet to find them. With that in mind, please enjoy whatever is left of your Sunday night and allow your spirits to be lifted…vertically…by this crop of talented builders.

Let’s begin with the OspreyDrone 2063 by Cam M.

OspreyDrone 2063

We’ll stay in the same general neighborhood with the W-09 Wasp by Anto-Nio.


Why not push it even further into the future…or perhaps another reality with The Savage Angel Airship by forrest_john

The Savage Angel Airship

…or maybe get small with Paul Cross and his Micro Space Cargo Ship.

Micro Space Cargo Ship

Halo-nerds rejoice with one of Master Chef’s favorite rides, the AV-14 Hornet Attack VTOL by Nick Jensen.

AV-14 "Hornet" Attack VTOL

And finally, since the weekend is over and this driver is by far the best looking of the bunch, I’ll be leaving on this VTOL conveyance called the Valor Hoverbike by Silvain.

Valor Hoverbike

Have a great week, see you at the fights on Friday.

Since the action seems kind of slow today so here are two more VTOL’s, because on Monday, sometimes you need a double.

This gem comes to you courtesy of the shamelessly self promoting Curtis D. Collins. This retro cool-box is called the Asteroid Jumper and look, it has magnets!

Asteroid Jumper

And finally my homeboy from Hawaii Lego Junkie would like to share this VTOL with you, the UNSC Falcon!

UNSC Falcon.

Is that enough? Are you not entertained? I know Dave K is, he digs it the most.

4 comments on “Sunday VTOL Roundup

  1. Keith Goldman Post author

    ^^Thanks Dave! I like to throw in some kind of compilation for the weekend, it gives builders a chance to be featured that might not be able to independently. It’s good to know they aren’t seen as spam.

    ^ No sir, not a bummer. Magnets!

  2. michael.rutherford

    If you only see one round up of Lego VTOL craft this year… then THIS is the one to see! Keith, you’ve collected a squadron of builders who’s work pushes the envelope, defines the battle space, and delivers the goods…absolutely, positively, overnight (sigh). This is a great collection, and while this isn’t the Friday Night Fights… I am compelled to say my favorite is Paul Crosses cargo ship. It’s a really elegant little build in a field dominated by big busy models. It reminds me of Sci-Fi novel book cover art. More tangy VTOL flavored action next week?

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