Lighters up! FateHeart is back.

Every time I see a model from FateHeart I’m reminded not only of how brilliant his work is, but also of a terrible 80’s hair-metal cover band here in Vegas. The kind of band that plays so far off The Strip that it might as well be in Arizona. So put your lighters up in the air for the better FateHeart and two of his latest models that somehow slipped under the TBB radar in early 2013.

First up is the magnificent United Earth Federation – MA-02F2R Seraphim III (refit) from April of this year. The model has a long and interesting history of previous versions that stretch back a decade, just go down the digital rabbit hole, Alice and follow the links in the photostream if you are interested.

United Earth Federation - MA-02F2R Seraphim III (refit)

And as an encore, enjoy the brand new power ballad White Knight.

White Knight