Do you speak Klingon?

TBB rookies Jon and Catherine Stead (The Steads) have de-cloaked from some far flung corner of the galaxy with a trio of UCS-style models from the Star Trek franchise. My favorite of the group is this delightful Vor’Char Class Klingon Bird of Prey, the lines are perfect and so is the choice of scale. I hope the couple expands their project to other ships from the various series; they clearly have an eye for it.

Vor'Char Class Klingon Bird of Prey - 3

6 comments on “Do you speak Klingon?

  1. Sjaacko

    These Klingon ships are very cool. The build is very good too. I love the old technic 12V battery box part used in the Bird of Prey. NPU!

  2. LukeClarenceVan

    A fantastic mix of studs and tiles, it looks perfect for UCS.
    Good to see fans “de-cloaking,” well spotted Keith.

  3. Sarah

    I really, really, really, wish Lego had the Star Trek license. My mom got one of the MegaBlocks Star Trek sets of a Klingon ship so, I built it for her and it was one of the most frustrating builds I’ve ever done and I’ve been building Lego for over 20 years!

  4. Keith Goldman Post author

    I agree, I think Star Trek could have been a great theme for LEGO with it’s broad history on the large and small screens. It is also, at least somewhat, less violent and at least tries to include things like scientific exploration and ethical concerns amidst all the knife-fighting with the fate of the Earth in the balance. It would be easy to pile on about the MegaBlocks set, so I won’t. Thanks for the great comment.

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