Nécropole Nationale

The Douaumont Ossuary is a war-memorial containing the remains of French and German soldiers who died on the battlefield during the Battle of Verdun in World War I. The monument is located in Douaumont, France, within the confines of the Verdun battlefield itself. French Builder Cyrille (TheBrickAvenger) shrinks the cemetery down to Microscale for this outstanding rendition. Unfortunately, perhaps the most interesting detail of Douaumont Ossuary was left out, a rotating red and white beacon at the top of the tower called “the lantern of the dead” that shines on the battlefield at night. Maybe Cyrille will tackle the structure in minifig scale some time down the road, and include the lantern. Quel hommage exceptionnel fourni aux soldats tombés au combat de la France, bien fait Cyrille!.


I offer my standard disclaimer / apology for my substandard use of the French language, no disrespect is intended.

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  1. TheBrickAvenger

    Thank you very much Keith Goldman ! Yes, unfortunately, I haven’t managed to solve the problem of the lantern, at this scale it’s not easy, the windows themselves are a bit too big … anyway, I find the monument recognizable :)
    Again thank you!


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