LEGO Hobbit Lake Town Chase unveiled at SDCC, due out Dec 2013 [News]

The final LEGO set that LEGO has unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con is Lake Town Chase from The Hobbit. Due out in December, the set includes 5 minifigs and 334 pieces, and will retail for $49.99.

LEGO Hobbit: Lake Town Chase

Will this set include a minifig Stephen Fry? We don’t have the full product description yet, but I’m hoping one of the minifigs is the Master of Lake Town.

8 comments on “LEGO Hobbit Lake Town Chase unveiled at SDCC, due out Dec 2013 [News]

  1. Andrew Post author

    ^ I *think* the fig with the key and funky hat is the Master of Lake Town, but I’m not sure — I haven’t spent a lot of time looking at preview/publicity photos of the next Hobbit movie.

  2. Sarah

    I have and we haven’t seen Stephen Fry’s character yet. There was about a nano second of him in the new trailer but not enough to talk about or confirm so this, funny enough, might be what we have to go on.

  3. AK_brickster

    I’m surprised that nobody has commented on the price! $50 for 330 pieces seems crazy high, considering the price per piece of some of the other new releases.

  4. LukeClarenceVan

    Hmm… Not really the quality I’ve come to expect from Hobbit/LOTR sets. Still, at least I’ll have more cash freed up for Star Wars and CMFs. ;)

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