Planet Gridlock

Feast your eyes on this kick-ass microscale rendition of the imperial capital from Star Wars, otherwise known as Coruscant. The builder is TBB rookie KW Vauban, who seems to be quite the man of mystery with very little to say about himself or any of his models. Oh well, they can’t all be chatty Cathys like Simon Liu or yours truly. KW does an outstanding job of eschewing the standard grid design used by most diorama builders, opting instead for something closer to a radial approach. The only thing missing is all that annoying sky-traffic from untold numbers of floating conveyances.



2 comments on “Planet Gridlock

  1. si-mocs

    Simply wow… the different non orthogonal angles is fantastic.

    Also I think the LEGO community is better off without chatter boxes like us … let the builds do the talking ;)

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