Anaconda Stealth VTOL

Like many of you, I have a weakness for all things VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing): jet-packs, fighters, helicopters or spaceships etc. Pascal (pasukaru76) feeds my need for vertical speed with his latest microscale wonder the Anaconda Stealth VTOL. I didn’t know rotary engines were capable of stealthy locomotion, but maybe it has “whisper mode” technology like the chopper in T.V.’s Airwolf.

Anaconda Stealth VTOL

Ralph, if you’re reading this buddy, you really need to take a crack at Airwolf. Strinfellow Hawke demands it!

3 comments on “Anaconda Stealth VTOL

  1. Ralph

    I have read it, Keith. Thanks for the suggestion. Airwolf is on my list.

    Nice little model by the way and I like that it’s pictured against an orange background instead of the usual white. Makes for a more interesting picture.

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