Truckin’ Through Poland

TBB travels to Poland, where apparently there are no lousy builders, as we continue our coverage of New Guy Saturday. Adam Glowacki (Jakeof_), has a fine stable of models waiting for you on Flickr, including this excellent DAF XF. TBB’s own Wreck-it-Ralph is a big fan of this model, calling the big-rig “amazingly accurate for its scale” and would surely have blogged it if not for my weekend campaign of terror on this once serene almost pastoral blog of blogs.


1 comment on “Truckin’ Through Poland

  1. Ralph

    I would have blogged it indeed, if I hadn’t been away from home all of yesterday. It’s a great model and I think it is instantly recognisable to European truck lovers. DAF trucks are built in the Netherlands, in Eindhoven, where I lived for more than 10 years. The country doesn’t have much of a car industry, but you see DAF truck all over Europe. I used to regularly see low-loaders loaded with DAF cabs whilst cycling to university in the morning.

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