Nova Wing

The Suboken LEGO Projects are something new that recently popped up on my radar. I assume the SLP are two builders based on the profile pic but any more info would be appreciated. Regardless, they are creating some cool-looking ships and their photo-editing puts them over the top. It looks like there is a complex backstory going here as well. I’ll be keeping an eye on this project. As for this ship, I love the menacing lines and the use of the giant wing pieces. Those are not easy to incorporate into a build. I would hate to see this on my six any time or anywhere!



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  1. evolveORdie

    nice nice, brilliant use of the large wings. I assume some sort of turntables connect the added red pieces that sit on top. Noticed on the back view photo the dbley smaller wing piece are different on each wing. btw how the hell do you add a comment on a photo itself in flickr?? y’know, the little rectangles. just got out of my dark ages and so possess no flickr fu.

  2. suboken

    “Good eye! While setting up the model for the photo shoot, I knocked off the right plate. When I placed it back on, I accidentally jumped a whole peg over. I didn’t notice the offset until I started the photo editing. It was a total palm-to-face moment, and Calista stole a good laugh over it. I considered re-shooting all the images the next day, but it was too hot outside (we live in a desert region of CA and often hit triple digits this time of the year).”
    – quoted response from SLP Flickr comments.

  3. suboken

    Brickdoctor did some sleuthing!

    The Suboken Project is my creativity outlet for art and music. My wife runs the business end of things while I create the content. Along with occasional contributions from fellow artists and artisans, we are TSP. Regarding LEGO, Calista and I (Travis) both build MOCs. She’s more of the LEGO City and LGM builder, while I’m the spaceship/sci-fi vehicle builder. I take care of all the photo-editing, where Calista takes care of the Bricklink orders. LEGO is a huge contributing factor in my creativity. I use building with LEGO to keep my mind exercised. Calista and I together use LEGO as our family time entertainment (we don’t watch TV). We hope you enjoy our builds as much as we enjoy all the amazing builds we see both here on TBB and from the greater LEGO community.

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