“It’s raining men!”

I searched the darkest corners of the internet for LEGO related material to cobble together a decent Father’s Day post, to no avail. Luke and Vader riding a rollercoaster together just doesn’t do it for me and my own little builder wouldn’t sit still long enough to photograph our first collaboration; a 12 inch tall model of Aku (the shogun of sorrow). So instead, enjoy a bunch of half-naked dudes, courtesy of Moko


Happy Father’s Day.

6 comments on ““It’s raining men!”

  1. Buffalorand

    I think this is a shamefully not so subtle attempt to interject a commentary on Gay Pride into Father’s day. If you have something to say about Gay Pride Day vs. Father’s Day, have the balls to say it outright. The two are separate and not necessarily equal. While I support Gay Rights and awareness of or brother’s and sister’s plight as Gay Human Beings in our society, I do not appreciate the smarminess of the subtle attack on society coming from a place of frustration.

  2. Keith Goldman Post author

    I can assure you I had no intent to “interject a commentary on Gay Pride into Father’s Day.” The photo wasn’t tagged with “gay pride” and I didn’t make any connection between the photo and gay rights at all. Its a bunch of half naked dudes…what am I missing? How do you know the minifigs are gay? You’re barking up the wrong tree.

  3. Catsy

    Protip: if you look at a photo of a bunch of “half-naked” male Lego minifigs and your first thought is “this must be a commentary on Gay Pride and a smarmy attack on society”, you might want to consider whether or not you have some unresolved issues of your own to work out before projecting those issues onto someone else.

  4. AK_brickster

    Yeah, seems like you’re stretching on that one, dude. I didn’t even know it was “Gay Pride Day” until you said something about it, so this post obviously didn’t convey any such meaning to me.

  5. mike rutherford

    Moko, this is an astounding collection of half naked Lego men. I can say with absolute certainty that I have never encountered its equal. Perhaps I miss the point of the presentation, but I see a lot of room for thematic development here. One cannot help but ask… “Why are you gentlemen gathering here, and why are you dressed thusly? Maybe the absence of an answer to that question is actually the point. Perhaps it is the viewer who controls the action. At any rate… you have created an assembly that is without a doubt, very… half naked.

    In regard to the comments on this thread, I’m compelled to offer this inventory of the many and varied elements which Buffolorand has chosen to bring to this dialogue. It’s quite an emotional potpourri!
    B1. Shame
    B2. Reproductive Anatomy
    B3. Plight
    B4. Smarminess
    B5. Attack
    B6. “a place of frustration” (My personal favorite)

    Just by way of contrast, lets sample some of Keith’s thoughts:
    K1. Searching
    K2. Lego
    K3. Decent
    K4. Little Builder
    K5. Aku
    K6. Enjoy
    K7. Courtesy

    I’m not sure if an exact conclusion can be drawn from this highly subjective comparison… but I think I know which of these dudes carries more baggage.

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