Happy Father’s Day

I can’t leave you with a bunch of half-naked dudes as TBB’s sole attempt at a Father’s day post. With that in mind, enjoy this heartwarming photo of Canada’s Adam Dodge (age 5) and the coolest kind of dad that can rock a red sweater with a turtleneck, while teaching his boy the finer points of sorting.

Happy father's day Dad!

Thumbs up to all the dads out there, see you next weekend.

2 comments on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. proudlove

    Awesome! Oh, and if you’ve met Adam, you might have been wondering, as I did, why he was instagraming himself in old clothes. You look a lot like your dad, dude!

  2. Brengineer

    Thank you for not leaving us with “a bunch of half-naked dudes.”
    This is much more appropriate.

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