June TBB Cover Photo Winners

I’ve parsed through everything submitted to our Flickr group for photo submissions for The Brothers Brick Twitter and Facebook cover photos. As a reminder, here are some tips for photos, from the first month we ran this little contest. There are a lot of great photos in the pool now, and as of last month, we’re no longer looking only at submissions from within the last month. I had the honor of making the selection, this month, and I must say that it was a tough choice, our readers have certainly brought their best to this endeavor, and I hope that continues.

Without further ado, here are my choices, and a little bit about the reasoning behind them.

A Cola For Bucky

For Facebook, I’ve selected “A cola for Bucky,” (above) by Caleb Angell (.bricko). This photo is already cropped to about the aspect ratio we need, and it still reads great. It’s a nicely compose image, which tells a story, and also leaves the viewer asking questions and drawing connections, and it’s well built. The lighting in the scene is interesting, and well thought out. Finally, the lower left corner is conveniently bare of anything that would be a loss to obstruct with our logo.

WIP M:Tron Thing: Greebles Galore

For twitter, I’ve chosen this lovely photo of greebles, (above) by Blake Foster (New Flickr Layout Sucks!). Obviously, I am a great fan of space builds, and quality greebling is one aspect of a good space build. This build also strikes a nice balance between smooth, flowing, areas and functional looking greebles. This photo was taken of a work-in-progress, and is thus something we wouldn’t normally blog (at least until the creation is complete), but the portion in the photo looks great, and the fact that it’s attached to an incomplete creation doesn’t stop it from being a great cover photo.