The Value of a Piece

The_jetboy is taking the concept of a “seed part”* to a whole new level. He’s used a single piece, the wide track link, 92 times to create this crazy microscale citadel. It’s not often I find visually interesting models made of only one part type.

*A seed part is single part type that must be used in a model, ideally in a highly ingenious manner. “Seed Part” contests are a staple among fan sites. If you’re not as crazy as the_jetboy, you also use other parts in conjunction with the seed part.

1 comment on “The Value of a Piece

  1. Cold Ivory

    I’ve never used a piece with that kind of unique shape, but there were a few times in college when I bought a few hundred copies of a particular piece, all in the same color, and forced myself to create as many things as possible, using unconventional (and sometimes “non-legal”) techniques.

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