Desert Blitz Krieg

It’s a good weekend for lovers of military builds. Vibor Cavor (veeborg) brings us an excellent rendition of a WW-2 German Army Opel Blitz truck, in desert camouflage. The model is highly detailed and just about everything on it opens.

OpelBlitz-front views

In the industrial age, armies require vast amounts of stuff to keep going. You can’t have a Blitz Krieg if your supplies can’t keep up with the pace of the advances, which is why armies invest heavily in trucks. Interestingly, even during the war, Opel was owned by General Motors, whose GMC division built the famous ‘Deuce and a Half’; the US Army’s standard truck.

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  1. Ralph Post author

    ^I quite like the fact that it isn’t minifig scaled, actually, as it’s the large scale that allows the model to be this detailed and there already are several minifig scale ones that I’m aware of.

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