“My fist your face, that’s for sure”

Resident of Nazareth, Belgium, Jeffrey Mille (BeLgIuM ww2 bUiLdeR) just posted a very slick example of mobile artillery, the H.A.M.L. (Heavy Armored Missile Launcher). Although the builder has the model tagged “WW2” on Flickr, I was unable to find any reference to such a vehicle. I think things might have gone differently on May 10, 1940 if Belgium was in possession of such a device. The teddy bear is a nice touch of whimsy and reminds me of the umbrella Andrew Somers included on his recent tank.


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  1. Belgium ww2 builder

    It is logical that you don’t find any references because it is a completly fictional tank ;)
    Also this tank can drive but I just haven’t goten around making a video of it.
    And thanks for the blog!

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