LEGO GAGA: The Built This Way Ball.

Paul Hetherington (Brickbaron) must be a little monster because he recently spent quite a bit of time and effort on recreating Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” concert tour from 2012. If you consult the full set, you can find the major highlights and set-changes from the entire big-budget extravaganza. This particular part of the performance is entitled “Highway Unicorn”.

Lego Lady Gaga, Highway Unicorn

Not content to merely build a copy of the stage, Paul went the extra mile and made a video for the song “Just Dance” using LEGO Power Functions motors to control the animation of portions of the set and Gaga’s backup dancers. For you stat-freaks out there, over 700 minifigures were used to create the audience.

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  1. Andrew

    Glad one of us finally got to this excellent model — I’ve had it in my queue but thought it deserved a bit of a write-up (which I kept putting off, like an idiot). Thanks, Keith!

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