Explorations in Bionicle Vol. 1

Last week I was taken to task by a reader who complained that this blog-hole is prejudiced against Bionicle builders, using incendiary rhetoric like “nip around” and “Mocists”. Although I was quick to dismiss this reader as a disenfranchised malcontent, after a little research I’m forced to agree that we can do a little better in our “Bionicle Fandom” coverage. With that in mind I present the first installment in an ongoing exploration of the wonderful and thriving world of Bionicle.

First you are invited to gaze in wonder at this overlooked gem from 2011 courtesy of Patrick Biggs (Dviddy), simply titled “Catwoman“.


Next its time to remedy the problem of Dylan Mievis (Sparkytron) never before gracing the ivy-covered halls of TBB. This is “Eris“.


And finally, to break up this sausage festival, we close this week’s exploration with an offering from Breann Sledge (Archinto).


4 comments on “Explorations in Bionicle Vol. 1

  1. BobaFett2

    Assuming this is the same Eris as the Chima one (it looks like it is), then it’s actually female, therefore no sausage fest.

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