Microscale Hagia Sophia looks nothing like Jabba’s Palace

A bunch of SEALUG members recently founded a new LEGO club here in the Seattle area focused on architecture and castle models. David Frank (Frasland) has gotten into the spirit with this lovely rendition of the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hagia Sophia II

David’s inclusion of one of the Star Wars planets for the structure’s dome is a wonderful touch.

3 comments on “Microscale Hagia Sophia looks nothing like Jabba’s Palace

  1. Kaitimar

    A fantastic micro creation! Only, judging from the cross on top, it seems to me this is Hagia Sophia before it was converted into a mosque, back when Istanbul was still Constantinople.

  2. badbob001

    My first reaction was that I thought this was related to Sophia Hapgood from the old Indiana Jones adventure game. So uncultured. :)

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